Jiu Jitsu

This program was developed for the person who doesn’t have a lifetime to master the gentle art, but who wants to learn how to use what could arguably be considered the most effective self defense system on the planet.

We will take you through a 40 step lesson plan developed purely for a smaller person who wants to survive a violent attack. We know that being attacked is a pretty rare thing. So is a car crash, but we wear a seatbelt just in case.

We follow the adage of “better to have Jiu Jitsu and not need it, than to need Jiu Jitsu and not have it”.

This class will introduce takedowns, dominant positions and submissions. Submissions include chokes, neck cranks, shoulder locks, arm and wrist locks, finger manipulation, leg locks, ankle and foot locks and anything else that is applicable. For beginning skill levels.


Self defense

Increased flexibility

Improved concentration

Mental toughness