About Us

Health clubs and gyms can be intimidating for anyone. And walking through my local Lifetime a few days ago the man to woman ratio was about 75/25 in favor of men. If you don’t know what you are doing, using machines can be intimidating. Not to mention that sometimes the gym is used like a singles event.

Here at Fierce Level Fitness it’s Ladies Only! It’s run by women, working on the problem areas that women are seeking help with.

We are located inside American Top Team. We have our own private enclosed area. The Fierce Level instructors go through rigorous training and are briefed weekly by the main coaches at American Top Team, to ensure you are receiving cutting edge instruction that is always updated and evolving.

Every class, from kettlebells to yoga, will have self defense intertwined within the lesson, as empowering confident women is our main goal…. getting in kick butt shape is just an extra side benefit.